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Greek Salad Quinoa Bowl

This is a really fresh, protein-packed recipe for a summer night.  To add extra protein, quinoa is substituted for the lettuce.  The real beauty of a recipe like this, though, is the way you can personalize it, not only to suit your family’s needs, but to suit the individual family member’s needs.  We prepare the basic ingredients and let everyone assemble their own dinner. Because there are a few different preparations happening the recipe format is a little different this week. Continue reading

Meal Plan for the Week of May 5, 2018

Sorry this Plan is a little late this week.  They was a delay in getting my grocery flyers, and then I had needed to figure out whether or not I would have a grill to use this week.  Our old grill died a graceful death (not really, the bottom fell out of it!) after a moderately long but extremely productive life.  Since I make it a rule not to turn use the oven from, roughly, the May long weekend until about October, it is getting pretty critical for meal planning.  And with gorgeous weather in the forecast for the coming week, grilling is definitely in the Plan.  BBQ Achieved!
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I Tried It…

…So You Don’t Have To

Lays Poppables Honey BBQ

Have you ever had Lay’s Poppables?  As a light, salty-crunchy type snack, they’re quite enjoyable.  They’re made from extruded potato flakes (much like potato chips that come in a can) that have been shaped into a cage-like shape.  They’re light, crispy, and salty, with a mild but pleasant flavour. They’re a couple of steps away from being an actual potato, so they don’t taste like a potato chip, but sometimes that’s what you’re looking for.  I have tried the Poppables Sea Salt flavour before and enjoyed them, so when I saw the new Honey BBQ flavour, I had to give them a try. Continue reading