About Me

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Hi there!

I’m Xanthe LeBlanc, and I’m a Business Writer and Marketer.  For years I had the good fortune to be a stay-at-home mom and a major part of that job was feeding my family.  In that role, I developed some planning and budgeting techniques to help our family run smoothly despite busy schedules, and recipes that satisfied the adults and helped develop our children’s palates beyond your typical “kid food.”  With this blog, I am going to share my ideas with you, and hopefully help make your busy life easier.

Food Philosophy

I believe that food is meant to be enjoyed.  If something is less than delicious, why eat it?  I also believe that everyone is allowed to eat what makes them happy, so if you want meat and potatoes? Go for it!  Follow a vegetarian or vegan diet? You be you! Eat All The Carbs? Right on! What I don’t believe in is food shaming.  Everyone is entitled to make their own food choices and not be harassed for them. But I will strive to provide suggestions and alternatives for all the recipes I publish so you can make them work for you and your family.  I also deeply believe in involving your family in all aspects of mealtime. Having kids help with meal prep from an early age according to their developmental abilities, bringing the kids to the grocery store and letting them choose new ingredients, letting them choose a meal for the weekly food plan, and sitting down at a dinner table, device free and tv free, all help develop a healthy relationship with food and with family.  Because Food Is Love.

All About Me

I am a middle-aged mom of two young men, married to my wonderful husband for many, many years.  I’m originally from Montreal, a great food city, and was exposed to many different international cuisines from a young age by my foodie parents. As young marrieds my husband and I moved to New York, another great food culture, and as young parents we relocated to the London, England area.  We are now back in Canada, in Mississauga, Ontario (outside of Toronto), and we’re pretty comfortable here, so we’re planning on staying put. But life is too short to say no to a good opportunity, right? Especially if there is a chance you’ll get fed.

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