Meal Plan for the Week of March 24, 2018

Sorry for the late post this week.  Your blogger is experiencing technical difficulties.  Loblaws has their whole Free From brand chickens on sale for $2.49/lb this week, so we will be roasting two on Saturday and living off the leftovers for a few days.  The Free From chickens are worth buying, especially when they’re on sale, because they are a much more flavourful bird than the regular chickens.  And remember, since your oven is fully hot anyway it doesn’t cost any more to cook two chickens at the same time and get leftovers for easy prep meals during the week or to have cooked chicken on hand in the freezer.  The Chicken Tortilla Soup is going to be the featured recipe this week, so look for that posting Monday morning.


Roast chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, and veggies


Chicken, broccoli, and cheddar calzone


Chicken Tortilla Soup


Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup


Baked pasta with meat sauce


Birthday Dinner Out (attempt #2)


Italian sausage roll with peppers and onions


Will you be following the Plan this week?  Please comment and post below.  If you try any of our recipes, please post pictures of your plate.  We’d love to know how things worked out for you.


    • Xanthe says:

      Definitely! And always make a bigger roast-anything than you will need for one meal and use the leftovers for another meal later in the week. It’s a big time- and money-saver.


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