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Meal Plan #2

We have a lot of evening activities with the kids this week, so we’re having a lot of quick and easy dinners–things that are either light enough to eat before the activity, or quick enough to be ready to feed hungry teenagers.  I’m still experimenting with the Instant Pot and not yet ready to try being creative with it.  This week I’m using a recipe from for a Chicken Tikka.  I have included a link for a Bearnaise sauce recipe, which is basically a Hollandaise with tarragon added.  I don’t remember where the recipe I use came from, and to be honest, I will use a powdered sauce mix in a pinch to save time, but this is a classic recipe and the linked recipe adheres closely to the classic.  If you come across a Bearnaise that has cream in it, run the other way!  This is NOT Bearnaise!

And, yes, Naan Pizza makes yet another appearance.  The kids love it and always ask for it.  Its good fuel for before activities, and its super fast to make.  I just keep naan, tomato sauce, and cheese on hand.  Put it together and pop it under the broiler for a couple of minutes, and PRESTO–dinner is ready!  The will never go hungry if I keep all the ingredients on hand.

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Tequila Citrus Shrimp

This recipe came to me from an old friend, Bert Jager.  We were friends in high school but inevitably lost touch because of school, moves, etc.  We got back in touch a few years ago via Facebook, proving that social media can be a force for good.  He is a fellow foodie and we have been swapping ideas back and forth for years.  When he messaged this to me last week I worked it into the Meal Plan for this week because it just sounded so yummy!  He got the original recipe from a Sammy Hagar recipe book (who knew?), but then modified it a bit. He sent me his modified version.  I modified it some more because I have more people to feed, and I like veggies with my meals.  If you want to see Bert’s original recipe, click here. Continue reading

Meal Plan #1

It’s a new year and I’m going with a new format for my weekly Meal Plan.  Just because my planning week starts on a Saturday, I realize not everyone’s does, so I am changing to a numbered day system.  I don’t really know that it will make that much difference, but we’ll give it a try.

Sunday night we are having a huge crew for dinner, so, since I’d rather socialize, and I’m still easing back into the kitchen activities, we are ordering from our favourite Chinese take out place.  Later in the week is a shrimp recipe my friend Bert sent me to try out.  I’ll take pics and post it on Instagram, and then I’ll post the recipe. Now, I got an Instant Pot for Christmas and I’ve finally taken it out of the box, so it’s time to experiment.  But it will be easy experimentation with one of my favourite slow cooker recipes, chicken and sausage.

Finally, I know I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, but my goal for this year is consistency.  I will be posting later in the week explaining what happened and my goals for the year moving forward
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