Daily Archives: February 23, 2019

Meal Plan #4

There’s nothing exciting on special this week to drive the meal plan, so we’re just having things I feel like eating, based on what is happening on any given day.

When whole beef tenderloins are on sale we always buy one and cut it up into roasts and steaks, but there’s always the tail end.  The meat is nice, but it’s not pretty, so we usually put it in a freezer bag with some marinade and use it for fajitas at a later date.  The last time beef tenderloin was on sale we put the tail end piece in a Korean Beef marinade, so this week we’re having Korean Beef Tacos with a vinegary coleslaw and some spicy-sweet Gochujang sauce.

We will also be having a more Spanish-inspired version of the frittata I usally make with Black Forest Ham and Broccoli.  This one will have spicy Spanish Chorizo, fried onions, and a touch of saffron.  I’ll be making a few changes to the regular recipe and linking that in.

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