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Meal Plan for the Week of March 10-16

The freezer is pretty full right now, and there are no exceptional specials this week (except stewing beef for $3.99/lb at Loblaws), so we are saving some money by living out of the freezer.  It’s a great way to cut back on the weekly grocery budget from time to time and creates space for when those really great meat specials happen and you want to stock up.  The featured recipe is a Broccoli, Ham, and Cheddar Frittata (pictured).

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Why Me? Why Now?

I’m a little food obsessed.  I always have been. It’s not just about the flavours, but also about the textures, the colours, the heat, the sweet, the salty, the creamy, and the crunchy.   The way all these characteristics play with each other is what makes food such an enjoyable experience. I don’t eat to live; I live to eat. I’m not a professional chef.  At best I’m an interested amateur, a home cook with some knowledge and skills. What I am, though, is a planner. I like to know what’s happening, what’s coming up, and what might happen, so I can plan accordingly.  That need to plan is, along with a passion for food, what drew me to writing this blog. Continue reading