Grilled Chicken Taco

Tacos are always great because you can really put anything you want in them.  Traditionally in Mexico they keep them very simple, meat and one or two toppings depending on the filling.  Cal-Mex has heavily influenced the way most people make tacos these days, lots of lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa added in.  Grilled chicken breast makes for easy outdoor cooking, and summertime makes for  availability of a lot of fresh veggies.

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 10-12 minutes

Serves 4-6 people


  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 2 Tbsp grapeseed oil
  • 2 Tbsp Mexican Seasonings
  • 2 cups Cowboy Caviar
  • 2 cups shredded lettuce
  • 1 cup shredded cheese
  • 8 small flour tortillas


  1. Drizzle oil over chicken breasts and rub them to spread oil evenly.  Sprinkle Mexican Seasonings over chicken and set aside.
  2. Preheat grill. Oil grill and cook chicken breast over direct medium-high heat for 5-6 minutes per side.
  3. Transfer chicken to a cutting board and cut in thin slices.
  4. Serve chicken with Cowboy Caviar, lettuce, shredded cheese, and flour tortillas.



  • You can substitute fish, steak, or even grilled vegetables for the chicken in the tacos.
  • We usually use whole wheat tortillas, but you can use regular flour, or soft corn tortillas if you keep gluten-free.

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